Diamond Paints

Pakistan's No.1 Paint

Pakistan's No.1 Paint

Industrial Coatings

Diamond Paint offers hundreds of products with thousands of shades for their industrial clients, ranging from manufacturers of home appliances to automotive two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Customized products are carefully formulated to meet customer requirements. Its features are as follows; Good corrosion resistance Paint adhesion Durable finish

Synthetic Air Drying Enamels

Long oil alkyd based paint with selected pigments carefully formulated to meet the requirements of fan industry.

  • high gloss
  • air drying

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Stoving Basecoat Silver and Flamboyant Red Paint for Two Wheelers

Alkyd-amino based baking paints for motorcycles.

  • light and fast finish
  • durable finish

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Stoving Paint for Automotive OEMs

Alkyd-amino based baking paints for motorcycles/rickshaws etc.

  • good corrosion resistance
  • paint adhesion
  • topcoats are durable, long-lasting and have a good gloss level
  • metallic shades available

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Quick Drying Enamels

Special alkyd resin with selected pigments formulated for quick drying rate and excellent gloss level.
• high gloss
• fast drying
• high productivity
• excellent finish

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