Diamond Paints

Pakistan's No.1 Paint

Pakistan's No.1 Paint

Protective Coatings

Diamond Paints provides a comprehensive line of protective coatings. We provide a complete solution for corrosion protection. We have coating systems for steel structures, storage tanks, refineries, marine installations, chemical plants, dams, barrages and buried pipes etc. Its features are as follows; Anti-corrosive paint Long-lasting Excellent adhesion

Heat Resistance Aluminum (150°C)

Diamond Heat Resistance Aluminum Finish is used as a heat resistant coating with a temperature resistance of ambient to 150°C (302°F).

  • formulated with specialized resins blended with aluminum pigment
  • suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals

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Diamond Synthetic Red Oxide Primer

Diamond Red Oxide Primer is a lead free, air drying, anti-corrosive primer. This product is based on a modified alkyd and pigmented with red oxide.

  • rust inhibitor
  • anti-fungal
  • excellent adhesion
  • scratch and stain resistant

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Di-Chlor CR Finish Paint

Diamond Chlorinated Rubber (CR) Paint is a blend of specialized resins with high quality pigments.

  • low build
  • quick drying
  • non-toxic
  • chemical and water resistant
  • glossy coat

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Diamond Synthetic Enamel

Diamond Air Drying Synthetic Enamel is a general purpose enamel used for different kinds of substrates in industries.

  • used on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates
  • good gloss
  • excellent adhesion
  • great colour retention
  • mild chemical and environment resistance

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Wash/Etch Primer

Diamond 2-pack Wash/Etch Primer is a Polyvinyl Butyral resin blended with an anti-corrosive zinc chromate pigment and an acid etching agent, which makes it a pre-treatment type primer.

  • excellent adhesion
  • superb barrier properties

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Diaoxy High Build Polyamide Cured Enamel

Diaoxy High Build is a polyamide cured epoxy enamel blended with inert extenders.
• used as a corrosion protective coat
• chemical and abrasion resistant

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Diaoxy High Build Coal Tar

Diaoxy High Build Coal Tar is a two pack high build Polyamide cured Epoxy blended with a special grade of coal tar pitch.
• protection of steel and concrete in severe conditions of fresh water, salt water and a wide range of chemicals

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Diaoxy High Build Amine Cured

Diaoxy High Build is an amine cured epoxy intermediate coat suitable for use where resistance to fresh water and salt water is required.
• excellent performance
• extends paint life
• can be used as an under, intermediate or epoxy finish topcoat

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Diaoxy High Build Zinc Phosphate Primer

Diaoxy Hi-Build Primer Zinc Phosphate is a two pack anti-corrosive epoxy primer suitable for epoxy topcoats and 2K Acrylic/Polyurethane topcoats.
• epoxy resin pigmented with anti-corrosive zinc phosphate
• outstanding multi-purpose primer

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Diaoxy High Build Zinc Rich Primer

Diaoxy Hi-Build Primer Zinc Rich is a two pack polyamide cured zinc rich epoxy coating.
• anti-corrosive high zinc dust containing epoxy primer
• very good corrosion protection

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Dia Acryl 2K PU Enamel

It is a high quality and high solid two pack polyurethane paint which provides a smooth, glossy, hard and durable finish.
• Smooth finish
• Gloss retention
• Hard and durable finish
• Great colour fastness
• Chemical, moisture and solvent resistance

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