Diamond Paints

Pakistan's No.1 Paint

Pakistan's No.1 Paint

Roadmarking Paint

Diamond Roadrays paint includes thermoplastic paint and chlorinated rubber based paint developed for roadmarking. Its features are as follows; High durability Good colour stability Great weather and abrasion resistance

Roadmarking CR Paint

Diamond Roadrays chlorinated rubber paint is a single pack, ready-to-use and cold cured paint developed for roadmarking.
• fast drying rate
• easy application
• excellent resistance to abrasion, salts, water and chemicals
• highly durable.

Roadmarking TP Paint

Diamond Roadrays Thermoplastic Road Marking Material is a formulation of plasticized resin, aggregate, pigment and glass beads supplied in dry powder form, and heated and applied to the road surface where it cools and sets very quickly.
• high performance (Day and Night)
• long-lasting retroreflectivity
• Fast drying, thus good flow resistance
• Excellent adhesion
• High durability
• good colour stability
• Good skid resistance
• Good weather resistance
• Non-toxic and environment friendly
• Value for money with long-lasting result