Diamond Paints

Pakistan's No.1 Paint

Pakistan's No.1 Paint

Vehicle Refinish

Diamond Paints provides a comprehensive product line of Vehicle Refinish. The product range includes high quality 2K acrylic paints, locally developed 2-pack polyurethane topcoats, quick drying high gloss topcoats and nitrocellulose based metallic colors. Its features are as follows; Fast drying Easy to apply Highly durable finish

2K PU Paint

Maxfit 2K primer and Maxfit 2K topcoat is a 2K Polyurethane based primer and topcoat designed to use as vehicle refinish paint.

  • hard, durable and excellent automotive refinish
  • high gloss level

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High Gloss NC Paint

Maxima Paint is a premium quality nitrocellulose based product specially designed for wood and refinishing of automotive vehicles.

  • good quality
  • fast drying topcoat
  • good gloss
  • visual appeal
  • colour retention
  • durability

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NC Primer

Maxima Primer is a single pack nitrocellulose based product used as a primer coat for car refinishing.

  • fast drying primer
  • good adhesion
  • tough film properties

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NC Putty

Maxima Putty is a single pack, high solid, heavy bodied nitrocellulose based product.

  • fast drying
  • good filling properties
  • easy to apply and sand

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