Diamond Paints – Sports Mela

As We have arranged the sports Mela on the demand of our paint contractors and sub dealers of Arshad Paint and hardware store having account # C0174600 ,Arshad Paint Store Also Sponsored us financially in order to execute this program,the participants of this sports gala are as follow.

  1. Subrang paint store Waisa
  2. Arif paint Mallah
  3. Zaheer Paint store Daman
  4. Sajid paint Waisa

Total number of participant…. 150

Sports mela date…. 29/4/16
Venue…… Shadi Khan (Attock)

Games played were

  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Rope Pulling

Cricket match was won by our diamond sales team,
Volleyball match was won by Zaheer paint team
Rope pulling was won by Sajid paint store
During the activity we discussed our Timber lac range,Ace range and Roof coat and we expect a good business growth and boost in the area ,this activity was very appreciated by all the participants and sub dealers.