How to choose color

Color reflects who we are and who we aspire to be. It’s expressive, fun, creative, complimentary and always conversational. At Diamond Paints we love it! That’s why we want to provide you with the best tools to find your perfect paint color. Browse our Color Matic online or check out our Color Booklets for color, texture and scheming ideas. You can also download the Diamond Paints ColorSmart App to visualise your favourite colors in different interior and exterior settings.

There are some important aspects of color selection:

Color Variation

Apparent color variations between the paint chips on color cards and paint on the wall are usually caused by the reflection of another light source. For example, a nearby garden can affect the appearance of a pale yellow or cream paint coating. Perception of a color can also be altered by a reflection coming from floor coverings or curtains. Use Diamond Sample Pots to check the paint in place before you purchase the full quantity.

Matching Color

We keep the formula used to create many of the colors from our previous color ranges, as well as formulae for colors in the Pakistan and International standards ranges. Colors matching our Powder Coating colors (used to coat aluminium windows), matches to many ColorMatic® colors, and corresponding colors for many of the colors of other paint manufacturers ranges, are also available. Our total database of color formulae has over 1000 colors. Your paint retailer can access these formulas through our formula books or by contacting Diamond Customer Service.

If we cannot find your color in our database, you can visit a paint retailer with a Diamond Color Matching System, which can create a special formula to match your required color from a sample – whether it is a paint chip, or a fabric sample.

Color Accuracy

After all the trouble you went to of deciding exactly the Diamond Paints Color Matic you want, why risk not getting it by mixing your Color Matic in another brand of paint? Only Diamond paints is formulated to deliver genuine Color Matic, both interior and exterior. So insist that your Color Matic is mixed with Diamond paint. If it’s not Diamond paint, it’s not Color Matic.