How to create a rust finish

Want to create a feature wall with a real difference? Diamond Design Rust make creating an authentic, rusted iron finish on just about any surface quick and simple.

Before you get started, make sure you’ve got the following things on hand:

  • Diamond Design Rust paint
  • Diamond Design Rust solution
  • A water-based clear coat like Intergrain UltraClear satin
  • Quality masking tape such as Scotch Blue Painters Tape by 3M
  • A good quality drop sheet
  • A variety of brushes (100mm or wider)
  • A container and spray bottle filled with water
  • Overalls, gloves and safety goggles



2. To ensure even distribution of iron particles (and in turn the rust effect) give your container of Diamond Design Rust a good shake before pouring into a clear dry container.


Test out your application technique on a spare piece of board first so you can get the best possible result on your wall.

3. Before you start, mask off anything that could accidentally get painted over on your feature wall.

4. Begin painting your wall from the edges and corners, and around anything you’ve masked off. This is called ‘cutting in’.

5. Apply your first coat of Diamond Design Rust paint using a wide brush and random brush strokes. Work in an area of around 1 square metre at a time, making sure you cover the entire surface before moving on.


6. Allow to dry overnight for a minimum of 12 hours, before applying a second coat of Design Rust paint. Once your second coat is completely dry, it’s time to apply the Design Rust solution.
7.Before applying the solution, be sure to read the instructions carefully and wear the appropriate safety gear. Make sure your work area is well ventilated, and keep the bottle out of reach of children and animals.


8. Pour the solution into a clear dry container and start applying from the middle of the wall using a wide brush and random brush strokes. Working out towards the edges of your masked off area. Work in an area of 1 square metre at a time and cover the area entirely before moving on. Leave to dry for a minimum of 8 hours before applying a second coat.

Ensure a consistent finish by making sure the same person paints the entire wall, and each full coat is completed in one session. Resist the temptation to touch up areas as you go as it will ruin the effect.

9. The rust effect will begin to develop within hours. To accelerate the rusting effect, spray lightly with water while the area is drying.

10.Once you’re happy with the effect, apply the clear coat to seal the effect and ensure rust particles don’t rub off onto surrounding furniture or fabrics. While individual results will vary, you’ll be left with a stand out feature wall that’s bound to make an impression.