Overall Diatile

metallic makeovers that radiate elegance

Overall Diatile
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Product Data Sheet

Diamond Overall Diatile is Hi-build textured decorative coating based on special binder. Suitable for interior and exterior on plaster.

Recommended use:

Suitable for interior and exterior on plaster , concrete, gypsum, brick work, asbestos etc. The product gives a variety of finishes depending on the type of roller used. Mostly applied by hopper gun.

Surface Preparation:

All loose material including loose plaster, cement splashes, old paint, dust, dirt etc. must be thoroughly removed. New plaster / concrete must be fully cured.


Handle with care. Stir the contents thoroughly and apply evenly.

Tools you will need

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Physical properties

FinishDepending on application technique
Solids (vol %)*55 ± 2
Flash pointN/A – water based
Specific Gravity1.70