Paint cleanup and disposal

Hurray! You’re at the end of your painting project.

Clean up

  1. If you are planning to continue your painting project the next day, just keep the paint, brush and/or roller in the paint tray and cover with foil or cling wrap. The next morning, run the brush or roller over a newspaper a few times and it will be ready to use.
  2. After the job is completed wash the rollers and brushes and paint tray with water for water-based paints or mineral turps for solvent-based paints.Do not use a spinning tool to clean brushes, as this will make your brush flare.
  3. Wrap the clean brushes and rollers with newspaper and secure with a rubber band. Store the brushes flat or hang them on hooks.
  4. Excess paint can be stored in the can.


Never dispose of unwanted paint by pouring it down household or stormwater drains.

Water-based paints can be treated with  Waste Paint Hardener. This product turns the liquid paint into a solid mass, which can then be placed in household waste. Unwanted solvent-based paints can be disposed of by pouring the excess onto an absorbent material such as kitty litter, cardboard or shredded paper. Allow to dry before disposing.

The can, once emptied, can be placed in household recycling bins.

For the disposal of larger quantities of paint, contact your local council.