Safety information

Basic safety information is included on the labels of our products. For more information, you need to obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet on the individual product. This information is available from the product sections of this website, or you can call Diamond Customer Service or e-mail us. Please be sure to specify the exact product you require, for example “Diamond Ace”.

In an emergency

If there has been a safety, health or environmental emergency involving one of our products, please contact our Emergency Response service on  (042) 111 colors 265 677 (24 hours). In the event of an emergency, do not e-mail us as our e-mail service is not monitored with the intent to provide emergency response.

Disposing of unwanted paint

Never dispose of unwanted paint by pouring it down household or stormwater drains. Water-based paints can be treated with  Waste Paint Hardener. This product turns the liquid paint into a solid mass, which can then be placed in household waste. The can, once emptied, can be placed in household recycling bins. Unwanted solvent-based paints can be disposed of by pouring the excess onto an absorbent material such as kitty litter, cardboard or shredded paper. Allow to dry and dispose with your normal household waste collection. For the disposal of larger quantities of paint, contact your local council.


Determining if your old painted surface contains lead

In buildings, which are very old, it is possible that some of the original paint or primers may still contain lead. Extreme care should be taken with the removal of these coatings. They should not be sanded or burnt. Independent chemical laboratories can test paint flakes for lead. Further information can be obtained from the Environment Protection Agency on (042) 111 colors 265 677.