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The Changing Role Of The Modern Son

Father’s Day is around the corner and Diamond Paints wants to pay a tribute to all the fathers around the world and also relay a message for the youth.

Ever since we were kids, our fathers have been solving all our problems, taking us out of the tightest spots, encouraging and guiding us to always do better…be better, because they believed in us…even when we did not believe in ourselves. They are our caretakers, our well-wishers, their intentions are pure; they continue sacrificing their happiness for our sake. And what do they expect from us in return for their undying love and attention: a little time, compassion, respect and understanding. And what do they get instead: our neglect and unkindness. We are fully aware of our fathers’ duties towards us but not mindful of our obligations towards them.

It is this mentality that we need to keep in check. Fathers may not have any know-how about technological advancements or latest trends but their experience and exposure makes them wise and they have our best interests at heart. Our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) also stressed the importance of respecting fathers: Abu Darda’ heard the Prophet (S.A.W) say that, “The father is the middle door of Paradise (i.e. the best way to Paradise), so it is up to you whether you take advantage of it or not.” Diamond Paints compels youth to respect their fathers’ decisions; we will only be able to add colour to our lives if we fill their lives with colour. This Father’s Day, spend some time with your family and choose colours that complement your family and home.

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