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Modern Color Trends

Modern Color Trends

Have you heard of the expression ‘there are two types of people in this world’?

But, there’s a small twist with Diamond Paints’ definition of ‘two types of people’. The first type is of individuals who are bold, bright, and glorious! They are as radiant as the sun and cannot be confined within any limits. Spotlight follows them wherever they go and they love it.

The second type is of people who are calm and composed. These individuals try to stay out of the spotlight, and rather enjoy a book while sipping a cup of tea. They enjoy poetry, art, comfort, harmony and everything in between.

Bold, Bright & Glorious!

If you enjoy a pop of color and don’t shy away from experimenting with neon or shocking tones, we have some room transformation ideas that will blow you away. Whether you are looking forward to a bedroom transformation, dining room transformation, or foyer transformation, we have selected these exclusive shades for you:

Juicy Colors

Juicy colors will dominate 2021 and be the ultimate choice for homemakers as well as designers. These colors can easily be paired with pale hues. They boost positivity, making your environment warm and cheerful.

Surreal Expressions

Surreal expressions is all about feeling good on the inside by expressing on the out. You can use black with neon colors to capture dream-like mood on your walls and canvas. These colors help you escape reality.

Calm, Cool, & Soothing

If you are someone who prefers soothing and cool shades, we recommend you consider:

Skin Tones

The human skin tone falls under neutral tones. These are not bold shades but add sophistication and spread calmness. Moreover, these tones make the rooms look bigger and spacious.

Harmonious Palette

The year 2021 is all about peace and harmony. Nothing welcomes the two better than colors that reflect comfort, unity and togetherness. Harmonious colors consist of analogous color palettes and gradient trend for a smoother effect.

These shades are ideal for small bathroom transformations, your bedroom, door room, and even your the garage.

Bold or Calm? Which one is your choice?

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