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Roadrays TP

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Roadrays TP

Diamond Roadrays Thermoplastic road marking paint is a high performance road marking paint designed for superior day and dry night visibility.

• High performance (Day and Night) and long lasting retro- reflectivity.
• Fast drying, thus good flow resistance.
• Excellent adhesion
• High durability and Good Color Stability
• Good skid resistance
• Good Whether Resistance
• Non Toxic & Environment friendly.
• Value for money with long lasting result.
Use of Diamond Roadrays Thermoplastic material may reduce over 25% of accidents by improving the performance of Road Marking.

Surface Preparation:
The surface should be dry, free from dust, dirt, grease or oil & any other detritus material.
The road surface temperature should be above 10 °C. Ideally, existing markings should be removed prior to application. Thermoplastic Road Marking Material may be applied over existing thermoplastic markings if they are in a sound condition & will not be easily removed from the road surface. Thermoplastic Road Marking Material should not be applied over old paint markings.
On worn bituminous and_ concrete surfaces, a suitable tack coat DIAMOND PRIMER should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions prior to application.
It should be noted that thermoplastic road markings laid on new bituminous surfaces could suffer from “bitumen carry-over” leading to discoloration & masking of the road markings.