Overall Matt Enamel





Coverage Area:  

12-14 m²/L/Coat

Dry Time:  

2-3 Hours Dry - Recoat: 10-12 Hours


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Diamond Overall Matt Enamel is a quality solvent-based Lead-free alkyd paint providing a smooth, stain- and scrub-resistant finish.

Recommended Use:

Diamond Overall Matt Enamel is suitable for interior & exterior use on plaster, concrete, gypsum, brickwork, wood and metal.

Physical Properties:

Colour                                                 Standard Colour Range
Finish                                                  Matt
Viscosity                                            85-95 KU/30 C
Solids (vol %)*                                48 ± 2
Flash point                                       >34°C
Specific Gravity                             1.25 – 1.35

Film Thickness and Spreading Rate:

Film Thickness:                              20-30 microns/Coat
Theoretical spreading rate:          12-14 (m²/L/coat)

Surface Prepration:

  • New or Bare Surfaces:

New bare surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dirt, grease, wax, etc. Dust off thoroughly. After rubbing with abrasive paper, prime with an appropriate Diamond Primer.

  • Previously Painted Surfaces:

The surface must be clean, dry, and free from all defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease, wax, etc. All surfaces should be thoroughly rubbed using suitable abrasive paper and dusted off. When dry, rub down, smooth and dust off. Apply one coat of Diamond Wall Sealer on the masonry surface and Red
Oxide Primer or Undercoat on the steel.


Handle with care. Stirr well before use.

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Honey White 1705, Off White 1707, Lavender White 1717, Ash White 1713, Light Peach 1704, Kitten White 1735, Cozy 1708, Baby Pink 1709, Peach Whisper 1733, Lime Yellow 1710, Mongo Yellow 1711, Classical Orange 1715, Bubble Gum 1718, Paprika 1719, Candy Pink 1720, Carnival Pink 1759, Classical 1781, Lilac Time 1783, Pruple Pasion 1756, Lime Light 1712, Light Green 1772, Woven Green 1782, Emerald 1721, Forest Green 1722, Stone Grey 1723, Light Grey 1724, Steel Grey 1725, Honey Dew 1726, Sea Blue 1727, Royal Blue 1728, Canvas 1729, Lake Water 1714, Diyar 1730, Polish Brown 1731, Black 1716, White 1701


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