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Before selecting a colour scheme for your bathroom, you need to determine the mood you want to set. Do you want to create a space that is eye-catching and makes a statement or one that promotes serenity and solitude? You can opt for neutral shades to create a soothing, relaxing space or step out of your comfort zone by choosing bold, daring colours. A fresh coat of Diamond Paints can instantly transform your bathroom from drab to fab and from boring to bright. The following paint colours offered by us will breathe life into your bathroom.


Bright White

Good old-fashioned Brilliant White 1001 of Diamond Paints is the classic choice for bathrooms. It creates a crisp, clean, spacious look that never goes out of style. And if you want to add an oomph factor, you can always go with bright coloured accessories featuring yellow, red or green. Or revamp your white bathroom with warm neutrals or light wood accents. Or pair white with black, navy or green to add finesse.

Bold Black

The unparalleled combination of black and white is sophisticated and elegant. The resulting look is perfect for an old-fashioned, retro look or a modern, contemporary one. You can also add a Black 1016 accent wall to create a chic look and keep the remaining walls Brilliant White 1001Off White 1007 or Ash White 1013 to ensure your bathroom remains bright and airy!

Sunny Yellow

Yellow offers a bright, cheerful, sunny vibe. A yellow bathroom will freshen you and brighten up your mood after a long, tiring day. It will be your happy place where you can enjoy a long, luxurious bath while you chase your blues away. The Rose Lemon 1030 of our colour palette is the perfect shade. Throw in some white trims and cabinets to complement the liveliness.

Soft Grey

A soft grey bathroom with white fixtures provides a serene background for rest and relaxation. Add marble tiles or wooden floors to create a classic look. Add a splash of colour through bright towels, mats or shower curtains to create a vibrant look for your bathroom. Pebble Grey 1032 of ours goes perfectly well with Angel 1058Harbor Blue 1402Pumpkin 1029 and Yarn Beige 1061.

Diamond Paints Matt Enamel is ideal for bathroom paint. It produces a durable matt finish and has excellent brushability and opacity. It is stain-resistant and easily washable. Its enhanced formula repels fungus to give your walls a fresh, long-lasting look. Some properties of Matt Enamel are:

  • Highly Washable
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Superior Finish

Choose any of these Matt Enamel colours to create an amazing space for your bathroom.

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