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Our bedroom is the place at home which is our personal sanctuary―our private place. It’s the place where we can be our creative self or our relaxed self. It’s the place where we end up after a long, tiring day and where we wake up fresh and relaxed. When choosing your bedroom paint, always focus on your personal taste. Diamond Paints offers a remarkable range of modern paint colours for bedrooms you are sure to love!

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Popular Colours

Blues and greens are an all-time favourite pick for bedroom paint. Pale blue and green ooze calm and peace, serenity and tranquillity. But if you like to spice things up, go with our Green Summit 8575 or Peacock Blue 8570. These colours look stunning and make your bedroom inviting and appealing.


Neutrals are another popular bedroom choice as they offer poise and elegance. Ash White 8562Brilliant White 8501 and Off White 8561 are the bestselling colours of Diamond Paints. This is because they add space and light into a room, giving it a fresh and airy feel. But if you feel that neutrals are boring, you can always contrast them with colourful furnishings―add rich colours to your curtains, carpets or bed sheets to create a luxurious look.

Bold Colours

Choose our bright Banana Ripple 8565―if you want to wake up or walk into a room full of fresh, sunny, optimistic vibes. Or African Orange 8574―for an exciting, vibrant bedroom that instantly uplifts your mood. Or Purple Heather 8540―if you want to make a statement.

Choose Diamond Ace Durasilk to transform your bedroom walls into stunning masterpieces with its luxurious, low VOC silk emulsion. It is specially formulated to give a rich, smooth finish. Durasilk’s superior stain and scrub resistance ensures that your walls remain free from all liquid-based stains. Any coffee, tea, juice, ink, hand marks etc. can be easily removed so your colours stay as perfect as ever! Some properties of Ace Durasilk are:

  • High Stain Resistance
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Superior Scrub Resistance
  • Luxurious Silky Finish

Select from our gorgeous Ace Durasilk colour palette to make your bedroom a place of your dreams.

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