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Kids’ Room

Kids’ Room

One of the most difficult decisions when painting your house is choosing a suitable colour for your kids’ bedroom. It’s important to take kids’ choices into account; after all, it’s their room. But the dilemma lies in the fact that kids always want a loud, daring, exuberant colour―they never do things halfway. Whereas you probably want a room whose colour you don’t have to change every few years or so…as your child transitions from an infant to a toddler to a teen to an adult.

kids room

The obvious solution is to select a neutral colour, and why not, neutrals are always in vogue―they are evergreen. This will satisfy your need for a fashionable bedroom for your kid. And to satisfy your kid, you can always add a bold accent wall or ceiling along with matching accessories and furnishings. Diamond Paints Ice Grey 7882 and Camel 7816 are perfect for your kids’ bedroom and can be paired with different vibrant colours.

On the other hand, there are lots of colourful choices you can make as well to create a dreamy and magical wonder room for your kids. Let us inspire you by suggesting some of our favourite colours that would make their beloved place the coolest

Magnificent Red

Red symbolizes excitement and vigour. It’s a stimulating colour and would make your kids alert and energetic early morning for school. You can add a Tile Red 7851 accent wall or ceiling; it would go great against White 7801 for a glamorous room.

Joyful Yellow

Yellow signifies happiness and joy; it reminds you of warm, sunny days by the beach. Soft, refreshing yellow affects attention and concentration span and bright yellow affects memory and motivation. Add a ray of Ribbon Yellow 7838 in your kids’ room for a fun-filled, energetic vibe.

Serene Green

Green is associated with calm and peace. It reduces anxiety and stress and will be useful if you have a restless, energetic kid. Moreover, green improves reading and comprehension. Consider opting for Spring Leaf 7858 or Lime Tart 7857 to create a soothing, relaxing bedroom for your kid.

Tranquil Blue

Blue is the colour of the endless sky and vast ocean. It creates feelings of serenity and comfort and helps kids get a good night’s sleep. Our soothing blues Blue Award 7833 and Indigo 7835 will calm your agitated child.

Royal Purple

Purple stands for creativity and intelligence. Deep purple evokes compassion and sensitivity in kids. Mix our Purple Party 7864 with White 7801 room décor for an elegant, majestic look.

Diamond Paints offers this colour palette keeping in mind your kids’ wild imagination and your need for a statement look for their bedrooms.


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