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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, colour is one of the best ways to make a statement. And since kitchen cabinets take most space, they are perfect for creating the style you desire. There are endless colour possibilities for your kitchen cabinets, but worry not, here are some of the best combinations by Diamond Paints sure to make your choice a lot easier.


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Wooden Cabinet Trends

Pale or white wooden cabinets go best with refreshing blue―Blue Street 1065, calming green―Woven Green 1082 or soothing grey―Pebble Grey 1032 for a warm yet trendy kitchen look. You can always add a bright yellow―Rose Lemon 1030 or even red―Knockout Red 1064 for some character and drama. While medium or dark wooden cabinets pair well with white―Brilliant White 1001, beige―Peach Goddess 1048 or soft pink―Angel 1058 to enliven your kitchen.

YellowMix and Match

One of the coolest trends ever is revamping your kitchen cabinets by mixing various colours to create a masterpiece. Have the upper cabinets painted Brilliant White 1001while base cabinets are Sheesham 1070Harbor Blue 1402 or natural wood for a luxurious look. Another trend is to have different colours for your island/banquette and cabinets. Highlight your island or banquette with bold colours; add Harbor Blue 1402 or Fresh Lime 1045 or a contrasting Black 1016 and Brilliant White 1001. Meanwhile, keep your kitchen cabinets, walls and floors neutral or white to add depth and dimension.

Popular Cabinet Colours

There are three kinds of colours―light, medium and dark.

Neutral colours have always been timeless as they complement all other colours. All white is a classic; it adds sophistication and elegance to a kitchen. Off White 1007 and Rose White 1004 are favourite Diamond Paints neutrals for kitchen cabinets.

Then come medium colours like Harbor Blue 1402Pebble Grey 1032 and Rose Lemon 1030; these offer comfort and are also grounded in nature.

Dark colours are different; they are bold and daring. Light Lime 1012Black 1016 and Harbor Blue 1402 are intense, passionate colours that would make your kitchen look luxurious.

Whether you choose light, medium or dark colours for your kitchen cabinets, we have the perfect colour palette to inspire you!


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