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Kitchens are where magic is created and memories are made―you try new and exciting dishes with enthusiasm, families bond over mealtimes, and kids learn cooking from their grandparents. They should reflect a warm and welcoming environment. Whether your style is traditional, modern or rustic, Diamond Paints has got you covered. Let’s get to cooking (and painting)!

Here are some of our favourite kitchen wall colours sure to satisfy your design palette:

kitchen colours


If you have a small kitchen, choose neutral shades for cabinets and countertops as they reflect light. Your kitchen would look bright, airy and spacious. Go all white for a fresh start to your day as soon as you step in your kitchen. Or add a classic combination of white and gravy. And if you have a large kitchen, you can always add a contrasting colour to spark your imagination. Some of our neutrals favoured for kitchens are Rose White 1004Off White 1007 and Cockleshell 1408.

Stimulating Red

Add red as an accent wall in your kitchen. Red is an invigorating colour that stimulates your appetite. And it’s gorgeous. So it’s the perfect pop of colour your kitchen needs. Some wonderful shades of red offered by us are Knockout Red 1064 and Zinnia Scarlet 1076.

Cheerful Yellow

Paint your small kitchen Rose Lemon 1030 to make it a cosy, whimsical space where you enjoy cooking and baking. Yellow is like a ray of sunshine and an immediate mood booster. Our shade Yellow Glove 1019 will make your kitchen bigger and brighter and give you happy feels.

Stunning Blue

Blue is another popular colour in the kitchen. Dark blue looks fabulous against white or gravy flooring or countertops. It brings a refreshing, vibrant feel to your kitchen. While light blue on walls and ceiling results in a clean, crisp look. We recommend Harbor Blue 1402 and Cool Blue 1054 shades of blue for your kitchen.

Choose any of these Diamond Paints colours to create an amazing space for your kitchen.

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