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Living Room

Living Room

Your living room is the place where you spend the maximum amount of time with your family. It offers comfort, relaxation, shared laughter and countless memories. Therefore, the paint palette of this room must resonate with your family. Whether you want to select neutral tones that create a soothing environment or bold and modern tones that make a statement, Diamond Paints has got you covered! These popular colour combinations are the best choices for your living room.

living room paint

Bodacious Colours

You can never go wrong with these bold and beautiful colours in your living rooms:

Revitalizing Green

Green reminds us of nature, greenery and scenic views. It gives a homey, relaxed ambience as you feel connected to the outdoors. Use Deep Green 7098 of Diamond Paints to give your living room walls a breath of fresh air.

Elegant Black

Make your living room spectacular and spacious by painting the walls Black 8564. Pair them with a white rug and bed sheet; add modern furniture upholstered in neutral shades for a chic look. It is advisable to paint the adjoining rooms in lighter colours for a balanced colour flow.

Invigorating Blue

Blue in your living room adds energy and liveliness in daylight and calm and cosiness at night. Blue is an invigorating colour that reminds you of the freshness of a flowing stream and the freedom of a clear, blue sky. Sunny Blue 7019 and Royal Blue 7038 are some of the coolest shades of blue offered by us.

Comforting Neutrals

Neutral living rooms act as a blank canvas, which is why they are the perfect choice for people who love a minimalistic look. Following are Diamond Paints well-loved options for neutral living rooms:

Timeless Beige

Beige is a warm, harmonious and flexible colour. It’s an all-time favourite for designing living rooms. If you want, you can add some drama by coordinating with other colours in furnishings. To upgrade your design scheme, use Mushroom 7025 to add dimension.

Sophisticated Grey

Grey adds class and spaciousness to your living room. It goes well with warm and cool colour palettes and suits both traditional and modern décor. Add a splash of Shell Gray 7026 to enhance your living room environment.

Whether it be shades of greens or blues or neutrals, choosing the right paint colour is the key to creating your perfect living room.


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