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The entryway of your home creates a first and last impression on your guests and instantly sets a mood. The paint colour you choose decides whether the impression be warm and welcoming or bold and dazzling. Diamond Paints offers perfect entryway colours for a memorable, dazzling, ever-lasting impression.

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A Warm Welcome

If your entryway is a long hallway leading to your T.V lounge, choose warm neutrals for an open, welcoming look. Entryways are used for a brief time, so they must connect smoothly with the rest of the house, which is why they are painted neutral. Our popular neutral entryway colours include Ash White 8562Off White 8561Kitten White 8573 and Egg Shell 850.

If you want to add a fun pop of colour, pair your neutral shade with an exciting, daring accent wall. Or add bold, statement furniture pieces to impress your guests. Our Ash White 8562 looks dashing with Strawberry Jam 8530.

A Dazzling Welcome

If your entryway is small with doors connecting to other rooms along with a stairway, choose bold, audacious colours. They add depth and dimension to small spaces and also hide dirt stains; after all, stairways do tend to get overcrowded sometimes. Choose our dramatic colours―Plum Lips 8531 for a wow factor or Black 8564 to pack a powerful punch.

A Bright Welcome

Your entryway should feel like it’s linked to the outdoors for a warm, welcoming vibe. If you choose a natural, minimalistic colour, your guests will fit right in your home. Moreover, your entryway gets natural light in the daytime and artificial light for the rest of the day. So you must use colours that look soft and airy either way. Light green and yellow would brighten and enliven your entryway. Choose our Grass 8550 or Banana Ripple 8565 for flourish and freshness. You can always add plants for extra outdoor feels.

To give a rich formal look, go with Diamond Ace Durasilk Emulsion for your accent walls. Durasilk will do wonders for a classy matt look e.g. the Purple Heather 8540 will go great on a stairway wall housing white picture frames and white moldings. You can choose Antique White 8504 – Luxury Plastic Emulsion for a brighter and refreshing look. If you are looking for a bold splash in the entrance, you can opt the Royal Blue 8577 – Ace Super Emulsion as it has a greenish hue to it too and will look classy as an accent.

Your entryway should have a rich, eye-catching colour to capture the interest of your guests.


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