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Dining Room

dining room

Dining Room

Your dining room is the gathering place for casual family mealtimes and special occasion dinners. It requires a colour that has an elegant, gracious, refined vibe while also oozing calm and comfort. You can add a burst of colour with a bold accent wall or ceiling or go with a splash of classic neutrals to elevate your dining room. For a statement look inspiration, check out Diamond Paints favourite dining room colours.

Space and Size Matter

If your dining room is smaller and used regularly, opt for comforting and refreshing colours. And if it’s bigger and used formally, opt for rich colours and bold accent walls. Neutrals are an all-time favourite. Pair them with colourful fixtures and fittings for a sophisticated look.

Rich Colours

If you use your dining room occasionally to entertain guests, go for rich, bold, daring shades like the following for a majestic look.

  • Red
  • A statement walls or ceiling in Tile Red 0532 or Picasso 0564 would stimulate appetite and add liveliness and cheerfulness. Pair it with Cloudy White 0523 to create a modern and elegant dining experience.

  • Purple
  • For extra punch in your dining room, use Mauve 0518 with Snowfall 0552. An accent wall in this colour will turn a casual room into something magnificent.

Refreshing Colours

If you use your dining room for regular, everyday mealtimes, go for light, soothing, uplifting shades like the following for an intimate look.

  • Green
  • Green is an invigorating colour which, paired with white furnishings, makes a room livelier and comfortable. Spring Leaf 0526 and Green Mist 0565 are popular dining colours that stimulate healthy eating habits.

  • Yellow
  • Yellow advocates warmth and comfort and adds a natural glow to your room. A yellow dining room stimulates better eating and digestion. Pair our Saffron Delight 0534 with Brilliant White 0550 to create a welcoming space.

Neutrals All the Way

Neutrals given below make great colour choices if you want to add statement furnishings or decorations to your dining room.

  • Beige
  • Honey Dew 0514 is a go-to colour that would add class and grace to your dining room. Beige can be paired with other colours, cool or warm, to create your perfect dining room.

  • White
  • White 0550 is timeless and so versatile it goes brilliantly with a wide range of colours. It has the power and punch to add light and warmth to your dining room.

These dining room colours will transform your room from ordinary to extraordinary.

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