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Front Entrance

front entrance

Front Entrance

The colour of your front door reflects you―it should portray your taste and personality. It blends with your surroundings but at the same time stands out by giving a statement about who you are. You may choose a colour that is traditional, modern or classic. A colour that is bold and audacious, bright and cheerful, or calm and welcoming. Diamond Paints has an extensive colour palette to fulfil all your colour choices. Here are some of our popular colours to create a memorable front door that lends personality to your home.


A vibrant red front door makes a statement. It draws attention to your house. It says that you are bold and daring yet at the same time classy. Pair your Tile Red 1113 door with White 0100, Mid Grey 0174, or Ivory 0162 exterior colours for a gorgeous pop of colour.


A yellow front door brightens and enlivens your house. It says that you are confident and cheerful. A yellow door suits both traditional and modern homes. Paint your door a Sunny Yellow 0169 or Corn Yellow 0248 to be the talk of the town.


A black front door is dynamic and dramatic. It says that you are elegant and sophisticated. A black door looks fashionable surrounded by plants and trees. You can also add colourful flowers and rugs for a vibrant look. Choose our Black 0191 to make a statement.


A fresh green front door appears to be in sync with nature. If your home is surrounded by a lush garden, abundant greenery or gorgeous flowers, opt for our Park Green 0241. A green door says you are inviting and welcoming. Pair it with exterior colours like white or pale yellow to spark the interest of your neighbours.


A white front door is always a classic choice. It says that you are calm and serene. A white door will merge perfectly with your home’s exterior and draw attention towards your superb architecture or fabulous garden. Choose our White 0100 for your charming front door.

Take inspiration from our myriad of colours for your front door to create a memorable first impression of your house.

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