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Home Exterior

Selecting a colour scheme for your home exterior is an overwhelming task. You need to choose colours that balance your home interior and exterior, complement your surroundings, and also match your aesthetic sense. But don’t worry; Diamond Paints is ready to chase your blues away! Just follow the tips given below for a gorgeous exterior.

Neighbour Inspired

Take a step out and observe your surroundings. Seek inspiration from your neighbours’ exterior colours. You can play with whichever colour strikes your fancy―blend in, complement or contrast your neighbours. But ensure your chosen colour does not clash with your neighbours’ homes, rather synchronizes with them.

Nature Inspired

Take inspiration from colours that are compatible with the landscape and nature around you. And then decide whether you want to go for a complementary or contrasting colour.

Add Accents

Add accenting colours to your door or trim to highlight your architectural style and make a statement.

You can also use your flowerpots, mailboxes and home address plates for a bold splash of colour.

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