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Celebrating Shadi Season

The wedding season in full swing; wedding bells are in the air. Amidst this jubilance and excitement, Diamond Paints brings you unique colour palettes inspired by this royal season.


White is a classy, sophisticated colour that signifies tranquility and peace. It is the go-to colour for Nikkah events’ décor – white bouquets, draping and table linen are always inviting and elegant. Diamond Paints inspires this versatile Nikkah colour to transform your living space.


Pink is a colour that signifies positivity and liveliness. It is the perfect colour for bridal showers, from pastel pinks to hot pinks, as it instantly brightens any space. Pink floral arrangements and bridesmaids in long pink gowns are all the rage this wedding season. So let Diamond Paints enliven your home with a pop of pink!


Yellow signifies happiness and joy; it offers warmth and comfort and adds a natural glow to any space. A Mehndi event-themed yellow – dance floor décor with dholkis, pillows and lights effects, tableware with candles, daffodils and sunflowers in bloom. Diamond Paints, inspired by this bright Mehndi colour, brings yellow to the comfort of your homes. 

  • Choose our bright Banana Ripple 8565 if you want to wake up in a bedroom full of fresh, sunny, optimistic vibes.
  • Add a ray of sunshine Ribbon Yellow 7838 in your kid’s room for a fun-filled, energetic vibe.
  • Our Saffron Delight 0534 in your home office creates a refreshing ambience to stimulate innovative minds.
  • Paint your small kitchen Rose Lemon 1030 to make it a cosy, whimsical space where you enjoy cooking and baking.


Red is bold and daring paint colour. It signifies passion, confidence and excitement, making it the perfect Barat colour – ideal for the bride’s event. The wedding aisle is lined with red roses, the bride dressed in red, red satin draping and table linen…all add royalty to the event. Diamond Paints encourages you to add a splash of red to make your home vibrant.


Orange is inviting if it’s in shades of warm and exciting if it’s in shades of bold. So it is a striking colour choice for Mayun. When combined with red and yellow, it creates a sunkissed vibrant colour palette ideal for the occasion. A colourful Mayun is decorated with marigold drapes, and garlands, flower chandeliers, fairy lights, and the bride and bridesmaids wear floral jewellery – all in orange, red, and yellow shades. Let Diamond Paints help you find the perfect shade of orange that resonates with your personality.


Blue denotes freedom…freedom of expression and imagination. It has a relaxed and calming effect on our senses. A blue Valima, centred around the shades of pale blues and silvery blues, reminds you of the freshness of a flowing stream and the freedom of a clear, blue sky. A blue theme has blue drapes with crystal hangings, and everything –tablescapes, centrepieces, seating and floral bouquets is blue. Diamond Paints knows that diving into the blue is always an excellent choice!


Choose from our versatile range of colors and mix and match to find the perfect fit for your project.

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At the esteemed CHINACOAT 2023 Annual Exhibition in Shanghai, Diamond Paints showcased its unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and emerging trends within the paint industry. Led by Mir Huzaifa Ahmad - Director of Sales and Operations, and Faheem Khan - Executive General Manager of Technical and Operations, Diamond Paints` proactive involvement is a step towards staying ahead in emerging trends and nurturing pivotal global partnerships in the industry, reaffirming Diamond Paints` enduring pursuit of setting superior standards and consistently delivering excellence across its comprehensive array of products and services.

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Pick the perfect shade to elevate your space with Diamond Paints. Let the hues of joy transform your home as you embark on a new chapter this wedding season. Choose the best color for yourself.

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Ayein iss shaadi season khusion kay rangon se ghar ko sajayein aur diamond jaisa chamakta rishta chahat aur khuloos se nibhayein.

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Let the festive season begin with colors of joy.

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Ensuring your home stands resilient and maintains its aesthetic value, despite the prevalence of smog

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