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Black signifies mystery and elegance. Many people fear using black, but the truth is that it is an incredibly versatile colour that enriches your colour scheme with added sophistication and modernization.
Let Diamond Paints encourage you to take a leap of faith as we offer our fashionable black colour combinations suitable for any project.
Popular Colour for Rooms


A black accent wall in your bedroom looks unbelievably classy and modern when contrasted with white, off white and cream colours. It adds depth and dimension in a well-lit room and also hides dirt and stains. Diamond Paints offers gorgeous shades of black for your accent wall―Black 4502 and Black 8564 to add glamour to your bedroom.

Living Room

Make your living room spectacular and spacious by painting the walls Black 8564. Pair them with a white rug and bed sheet; add modern furniture upholstered in neutral shades for a chic look. It is advisable to paint the adjoining rooms in lighter colours for a balanced colour flow.


The unparalleled combination of black and white is sophisticated and elegant. The resulting look is perfect for an old-fashioned, retro look or a modern, contemporary one. You can also add a Black 1016 accent wall to create a chic look and keep the remaining walls Brilliant White 8501 or Ash White 1013 to ensure your bathroom remains bright and airy!

Black Front Entrance

A black front door is dynamic and dramatic. It says that you are elegant and sophisticated. A black door looks fashionable surrounded by plants and trees. You can also add colourful flowers and rugs for a vibrant look. Choose our Black 1016 to make a statement.

Home Exterior

Make your home extraordinary with a stylish and striking black exterior. Black makes your home look cosier, adds dimension and blends with your neighbouring houses. It complements the surrounding greenery, wood and landscaping. Select our Charcoal 0134 for your exterior and pair it with white windows and shutters to attract attention to details and add a classic touch.

We hope our ideas inspire you to see black as it really is―a colour that’s empowering with charm and elegance personified.


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