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Blue is the colour of the endless sky and vast ocean. It denotes freedom…freedom of expression and imagination. It signifies openness, faith and trust. It has a cool and calming effect on our senses.
It is always an excellent choice to dive into blue. Let Diamond Paints inspire you with our popular blue colour combinations suitable for any project.
Popular Colour for Rooms

Blues are an all-time favourite pick for bedroom paint. Pale blues and silvery blues ooze calm and peace, serenity and tranquillity. But if you like to spice things up, go with our stunning Peacock Blue 8570 to make your bedroom inviting and appealing.

Living Room

Blue in your living room adds energy and liveliness in daylight and calm and cosiness at night. Blue is an invigorating colour that reminds you of the freshness of a flowing stream and the freedom of a clear, blue sky. Sunny Blue 7019 and Royal Blue 7038 are some of the coolest blue shades offered by us.

Home Office

If you need a home office that inspires focus and concentration, blue is the colour for you. It works for accountants who need to play with numbers and figures to boost productivity. Blue is also associated with trust and reliability; opt for this colour if your clients make frequent trips to your home office. We love blue paint colours like Blue Street 1511, Mid Blue 0561 and Charisma 0506 for their calm, serene vibes while simultaneously stimulating the mind.

Chase the Blues Away with an Accent Wall

Paint your bedroom accent wall, hallway or entryway with one of the diverse shades of blue offered by Diamond Paints―Blue Street 0511, Monsoon 0556 or Pastel Blue 0508. Blue paint adds sparkle and character when used with white, grey and yellow as it exudes sophistication.

Stunning Kitchen

Dark blue looks fabulous against white or grey flooring or countertops. It brings a refreshing, vibrant feel to your kitchen. While light blue on walls and ceiling results in a clean, crisp look. We recommend Harbor Blue 1402 and Cool Blue 1054 shades for your kitchen.

Blue Exterior

Blue home exterior is classic, elegant and inviting. We have many shades of blue and all look gorgeous with white trims. Light blue, Ice Turquoise 8541, evokes peace and tranquillity while bright blue, Pastel Blue 0508, evokes energy and excitement. Add rich dark blue, Blue Street 0511, if you want to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

Choose any of these Diamond Paints shades of blue to create an amazing space for your home.


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