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Neutrals are considered a favourite for fulfilling all your interior paint needs. They offer a warm and welcoming space, many colourful opportunities and add class to all styles whether traditional or modern.
Diamond Paints offers all neutrals―different shades of white, grey, beige etc.―bound to inspire you!

Popular Colour for Rooms

Neutrals are a popular bedroom choice as they offer poise and elegance. Ash White 8562, Brilliant White 8501 and Off White 8561 are our bestselling colours. This is because they add space and light in a room, giving it a fresh and airy feel. But if you feel that neutrals are boring, you can always contrast them with colourful furnishings―add rich colours to your curtains, carpets or bed sheets to create a luxurious look.

Kids Room

Your kids always want a loud, daring, exuberant colour for their bedrooms. Whereas you probably want a room whose colour you don’t have to change every few years or so…as your child transitions from an infant to an adult. We advise you to select a neutral colour scheme and add a bold accent wall or ceiling along with matching accessories and furnishings. Our favourites are Ice Grey 7882 and Camel 7816 and they can be paired with different vibrant colours.

Living Room

Neutral living rooms act as a blank canvas, which is why they are the perfect choice for people who love a minimalistic look. Our Mushroom 7025 is warm, flexible and an all-time favourite for designing living rooms. Our Shell Gray 7026 is classy, sophisticated and suits both traditional and modern décor.

Dining Room

To pack a punch in your dining room, pair orange with yellow or red for a breathtaking effect. Our orange Frothy Orange QC0283 partnered with yellow Vivid Orange QC0293 has a cheerful, spacious effect perfect for welcoming guests. And our Coronet Orange QC0291 partnered with red Keepsake Rose QC0441 has a powerful, passionate effect perfect for wowing guests.

Neutral Kitchen and Dining

Neutrals make great colour choices if you want to add statement furnishings to your kitchen or dining room.

  • Dining Room

Honey Dew 0514 is a go-to colour that would add class and grace to your dining room. It can be paired with other colours, cool or warm, to create your perfect space. Similarly, White 0550 is timeless and so versatile it goes brilliantly with a wide range of colours. It has the power and punch to add light and warmth to your dining room.

  • Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, choose neutral shades for cabinets and countertops as they reflect light. Your kitchen would look bright, airy and spacious. Go all white for a fresh start to your day as soon as you step in your kitchen. Or add a classic combination of white and grey. And if you have a large kitchen, you can always add a contrasting colour to spark your imagination. Some of our neutrals favoured for kitchens are Rose White 1004, Off White 1007 and Cockleshell 1408.

A Neutral Exterior

A neutral exterior is always classic and inviting. Take inspiration from colours that are compatible with the landscape and nature around you. A neutral colour blends with its surroundings and creates an eye-catching contrast with black trims or shutters.

Take inspiration from our neutrals to create your perfect dream house.


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