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Grey is as stylish as it is sophisticated, making it a classic designer choice for all your interior and exterior paint needs. There are many greys to choose from; warm greys are welcoming and inviting, while cool greys are mysterious and elegant. This versatile colour can be paired with almost all colours, from red to purple to yellow to orange to blue, to make a statement.

Let Diamond Paints add character to your home with our most popular greys!

Popular Colour for Rooms

Warm grey brings a serene, soft, homey look to your bedroom. Paint your bedroom Silver Gray 7020 and pair it with our Full Wine 8567, Royal Blue 8577 or Green Summit 8575 for a royal, luxurious vibe. Cool grey works best with pops of bright, strong colour to bring a modern touch to your bedroom. Paint your bedroom Shadow Rose 8553 and pair it with our African Orange 8574, Dolly Pink 8536 or Strawberry Jam 8530 for an upbeat, fashionable vibe. You can also add vibrant furnishings, colourful rugs and cushions to balance grey in your bedroom.


A soft grey bathroom with white fixtures provides a serene background for rest and relaxation. Add marble tiles or wooden floors to create a classic look. Add a splash of colour through bright towels, mats or shower curtains to create a vibrant look for your bathroom. Pebble Grey 1032 of ours goes perfectly well with Angel 1058, Harbor Blue 1402, Pumpkin 1029 and Yarn Beige 1061.

Living Room

Grey adds class and spaciousness to your living room. It goes well with warm and cool colour palettes and suits both traditional and modern décor. Add a splash of Shell Gray 7026 to your living room and pair it with our Cool Blue 7007 for an elegant look or our White 7001 for a soft, light look.

Home Office

Add personality to your home office by pairing our stunning Shell Gray 7026 with gorgeous Royal Blue 7038 as a statement wall to have an invigorating yet calming effect on your senses as you go about your work. Another pair that works wonders for productivity and efficiency in your home office is grey and yellow. Grey is calm and stable while yellow is energetic and lively. Our Silver Gray 7020 creates a striking backdrop for Lemon 7018 to boost your work mode.
Our Shell Gray 7026 is the ideal colour for painting the walls of a pantry, laundry room and powder room. It also accentuates colour flow in the house with Silver Grey 7026 hallways, doors and stairways.

Luxurious Dining

In the kitchen, our Pebble Grey 1032 and White 1412 tend to look fabulous on cabinets, ceiling and walls, for both natural and artificial light. The uniformed look gives the room a fresh and airy feel and is perfect for small kitchen spaces.

Exterior Grey

Grey is an ideal, timeless choice for painting your exterior. You can combine light and dark shades of grey like Sky Grey 0124 and Shell Grey 7026 to create mystery if you love the colour as much as we do. Or if you are afraid to go grey all the way, add it as an accent colour like Sky Grey 0124 to go perfectly with Navy Blue 0177 or Park Green 0241 for a home that welcomes you with open arms. You can also opt for the classic pairing of Sky Grey 0124 windows, shutters and doors with White 0191.

Find the best Diamond Paints cool or warm shades of grey to transform your home into your dream house.

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