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Orange is a versatile colour that can be inviting and invigorating if it’s in shades of warm and cosy and simultaneously exciting and intimidating if it’s in shades of bold. Many people are reluctant of using orange, however, if you step out of your comfort zone, you will realize that orange is a contemporary colour that creates a gorgeous, dramatic effect.

Let Diamond Paints inspire you with our best-selling orange shades so you can find the perfect one that resonates with your personality.

Popular Colour for Rooms

Colour your bedroom orange if you want to wake up to a room filled with positivity, good vibes and energy. Choose our Field Daisy QC0211 and pair it with neutrals; add orange accents for a calming, happy bedroom. Choose our African Orange 8574 for an exciting, vibrant bedroom that instantly uplifts your mood. Or if you’re afraid to commit to orange throughout your bedroom, add our Golden Wonder QC0213 accent wall behind your bed for a stimulating, passionate feel.


Orange is a vibrant, playful colour that adds personality and brightness to your modern kitchen. Orange stimulates appetite and creates a perfect space for interaction and socialization. For a dash of dynamic energy, splash your kitchen walls with our Golden Chamber QC0231

Kids Room

Orange is a youthful colour that oozes comfort and warmth. Children feel spirited and confident around this colour, making it an ideal mood-setter. Choose our Flame Orange 7870 to encourage independence and develop communication and social skills in your kids.

Home Office

Orange is a spirited, dramatic colour that makes a powerful statement. It stimulates the mind and boosts motivation; it inspires confidence, optimism and independence. It encourages innovativeness, productivity and thinking out of the box. Add life to your home office with our lively Tangy Glo QC0282 and get your creative juices flowing!

Dining Room

To pack a punch in your dining room, pair orange with yellow or red for a breathtaking effect. Our orange Frothy Orange QC0283 partnered with yellow Vivid Orange QC0293 has a cheerful, spacious effect perfect for welcoming guests. And our Coronet Orange QC0291 partnered with red Keepsake Rose QC0441 has a powerful, passionate effect perfect for wowing guests.

Living Room

An orange and blue pairing is timeless; infusing energy and positivity in your living room. Blue is a calming colour while orange is an exciting colour; a combination of these complementary colours creates balance and harmony. Make your living room come alive by adding our Royal Blue 8577 and orange Arizona Sunset 8528

Choose any of these Diamond Paints cool or warm shades of orange to create an amazing space for your home.


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