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Pink is a versatile colour that signifies romance, positivity and liveliness. There are many pink shades to choose from: Petal Pink 8533, Iris Pink 7099, Dolly 8536…from pastel pinks to hot pinks. Pink can be stimulating and exciting or cheerful and optimistic but either way, it instantly brightens a room.

Let Diamond Paints enliven your home with a pop of pink!

Popular Colour for Rooms

Add a fresh dose of pastel pink in your bedroom for a touch of romance, harmony and modernism. If the colour is too feminine for you, pair our Cherry Blossom 8534 with warm neutrals such as White 8501 or Mango Yellow 8566 for a bright look, or Black 8564 for a bold look that’s simultaneously inviting and relaxing. Or you may go with a deeper shade of pink for an accent wall like our festive Pink 8537 in your bedroom to create a dramatic effect.


Your bathroom is your peaceful retreat, where you want to create a spa-like space for tranquility and relaxation. Make your bathroom pretty in pink by painting it our Bubble Gum 8535 and pair it with Ash Grey 8552 or Hawana 8522 for a dreamy pampering session.

Living Room

Rethink pink in your living room for a breathtaking effect. It teams perfectly with all your desired colours. Paired with our White 8501, Cherry Blossom 8534 is playful and energizing; paired with our Ash Grey 8552, Dolly 8536 is fashionable and chic; paired with our Strawberry Jam 8530 and Purple Heather 8540, Bubble Gum 8535 is bold and exciting; and paired with our Green Summit 8575 and Royal Blue 8577, Festive Pink 8537 makes a statement!

Home Office

Paint your home office light pink or pastel pink to make it spacious and airy. To create a home office worth spending time in, paint it our popular pinks Iris Pink 7099 and Spring Song QC0376 for a calming, soothing effect on your senses. Or pair Bow Bells QC0375 with neutrals Brilliant White 8501 or Ice Grey 7882 for a cosy, cheerful space that inspires wonders. And if you are fond of bold colours, use hot pinks like our Precious Pink QC0454 or Rose Blush QC0457 as statement walls or pair them with Wild Iris QC0502 for a revitalizing, rejuvenating effect.

Pink Front Entrance

If you fancy a pop of colour, a hot Pink Geranium QC0374 front door paired with neutrals Off White 8501 or Ash Grey 8552 add personality to your exterior.

Home Exterior

Choosing pink as an exterior paint colour may be scary, we know, but dare to take that leap of faith and trust us, you won’t be disappointed. A soft pink exterior is timeless, pair your Peach Bloom QC0385 walls with White 8501 trims, shutters and porch for a trendy, inviting vibe. For a more modern and elegant look, pair your Angelic Pink QC0386 walls with White 8501 trims and Black 8564 shutters and door in contrast.

Diamond paints has got you covered for all your eye-catching interior and exterior pink paint needs.

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