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Purple is a rich colour associated with royalty, power and wealth. The versatility of purple offers endless opportunities; muted, light shades are warm and offer calmness and relaxation. They evoke creativity and imagination and are used for an informal setting. While deep, dark shades are cool and offer elegance and sophistication. They evoke energy and magic and are used for a formal, luxurious setting.
Choose our popular purple colour combinations to add a touch of extravagance and elegance to your home.

Popular Colour for Rooms

If you are different and daring, oozing confidence with grace, purple is your ideal bedroom paint. Our Full Wine 8567 shade packs a punch to make your bedroom luxurious and exotic. However, if you are shy of having all your walls purple, you can add our royal purple Rose Velvet QC0462 as an accent wall or ceiling. Deep purple evokes compassion and sensitivity in kids and is perfect for their rooms. Mix our Purple Party 7864 with White 7801 room décor for an elegant, majestic look.

Living Room

Make a statement in your living room by splashing a coat of our majestic Verbena QC0473 that envelops your entire room. Or paint your walls a soothing lavender to create a gorgeous backdrop and pair them with velvet furniture and glass décor for a stylish look.


Natural sunlight works wonders for all shades of purple, whether light or dark. For light shades like Irish Pink QC0476 they add a sense of peace and serenity, making your bathroom spacious. For rich shades like Satin Rose QC0463 they add depth and splendour, making your bathroom royal.

Dining Room

For extra punch in your dining room, use Mauve 7865 with French Silver 7881. An accent wall in this colour will turn a casual room into something magnificent.


Add purple to your kitchen for a pop of colour, a touch of mystery and lavishness. Purple is a magical colour, pair it with black 7895 for sophistication and white 7801 for elegance. A light purple kitchen, shade Grape Sherbet QC0515 is welcoming and comforting and a rich purple kitchen, shade Violet Shadow QC0513 is modern and bold.


If your entryway is small or has a stairway, choose bold colours to add depth and hide dirt stains. Our gorgeous Tile Red 7851 is perfect to add that oomph factor along with spaciousness.

Choose any of these Diamond Paints cool or warm shades of purple to create an amazing space for your home.


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