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Red is a bold and daring paint colour. It signifies passion, confidence, excitement and vitality. It compels us to live our life to the fullest.
Diamond Paints offers many shades of red―from burgundy to maroon to terracotta to cranberry. Let us inspire you with our popular red colour combinations suitable for any project!

Use Red to Expand Your Space

Add a splash of red to make your small spaces roomy and airy.


If your entryway is small with doors connecting to other rooms along with a stairway, choose our Strawberry Jam 8530. It will bring depth and personality to your entryway.

Home Office

Transform your small home office from drab to fab by adding a Tile Red 0532 accent wall or ceiling. It will beautifully complement colours like Spice 0512 or Snowfall 0552 for an elegant and spacious look.

Popular Colour for Rooms

Treat your bedroom and kids’ room with our striking Plum Lips 8531 accent wall or ceiling.


For your bedroom, pair it with Black 8564 or Coppertone 8521 to enliven your bedroom with added drama and excitement.

Kids’ Room

For your kids’ room, pair it with Kitten White 8573 for some glamour and style. Red is a stimulating colour and would make your kids alert and energetic early morning for school.

Stimulating Kitchen and Dining

Red is a gorgeous, invigorating colour perfect for your kitchen and dining room.


Be sure to glam up your kitchen with our Knockout Red 1064 accent wall. It’s the perfect pop of colour to stimulate your appetite.

Dining Room

Add a wall in Tile Red 0532 or Picasso 0564 to fill your dining room with liveliness and cheerfulness. Pair it with Cloudy White 0523 to create a modern and elegant dining experience.

Red Front Entrance

A vibrant red front door makes a powerful statement. It draws attention to your house and brightens it. It says that you are vibrant and welcoming yet at the same time classy. Pair your Tile Red 1113 door with White 0100, Mid Grey 0174 or Ivory 0162 exterior colours for a gorgeous pop of colour.

Choose any of these Diamond Paints shades of red to create an amazing space for your home.


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