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White is as a classy, sophisticated color that can singlehandedly make any room tranquil and serene, and so versatile that it can be used in contrast with other colours to instantly transform your living space.

It is the go-to colour to fulfill all your interior paint needs. Our favorite whites include…, … and …. Let Diamond Paints inspire you with our popular white colour combinations.

Popular Colour for Rooms

In the bedroom, whites like Pearl white 8502 and Cloudy White 0523 offer the subtle warmth that makes a room welcoming and inviting. If you want to add a splash of colour, throw in rich, deep colors such as Rose White 0535 and Off White 0513 for a bit of contrast against white. Or accessorize with colourful bed sheets, throws, rugs or curtains, keeping in mind that reds and yellows complement warmer whites while greens, grays and blues complement cooler whites.


Good old-fashioned Brilliant White 8501 of Diamond Paints is the classic choice for bathrooms. It has a crisp, clean, spacious look to create a spa-like space that fosters relaxation. And if you want to add an oomph factor, you can always go with bright coloured accessories featuring yellow, red or green. Or revamp your white bathroom with warm neutrals or light wood accents. Or pair white with black, navy or green to add finesse.

Home Office

White is a favourite home office colour because it is so versatile. You can go all white for a space free from any distractions. As soon as you step foot in your office, you begin your workday with a blank slate and a free mind. White is the perfect background for pin boards, sticky notes and pictures. Just imagine the possibilities to what you can achieve are limitless. And if you want to add a pop of colour, you can always accessorize or furnish with bright, vibrant colours. Our favourite whites for home office are Lavender White 7031. They can be paired with ash White 7002 for a sophisticated masculine look and red for an elegant feminine look.

White Ceilings

Light colours on ceilings, whether the colour matches the walls or is a shade lighter, makes the room appear spacious. A light contrasting colour can also be used to create a riveting effect. Of all the soft, light colours, white is a timeless classic. White ceilings make your room bigger and brighter. Our favourite whites for ceilings include Brilliant White 0550, Cloudy White 0523 and Snowfall 0552. You can go all white in your room with these shades for a serene, tranquil look.

White Front Entrance

A white front door is always a classic choice. It says that you are calm and serene. A white door will merge perfectly with your home’s exterior and draw attention towards your superb architecture or fabulous garden. Choose our whites Off White 7003 and Brilliant White 7895 for your charming front door.

White is the perennial favourite design colour to pair with warm tones or cool tones, depending on whether you want your home to evoke positivity and energy or relaxation and calm.

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