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Yellow signifies happiness and joy; it reminds you of warm, sunny days by the beach. It offers warmth and comfort and adds a natural glow to any space.
Let Diamond Paints inspire you with our best yellow colour combinations that suit your mood…and space!

Popular Colour for Rooms

Choose our bright Banana Ripple 8565 if you want to wake up in a bedroom full of fresh, sunny, optimistic vibes.

Kids’ Room

Add a ray of sunshine Ribbon Yellow 7838 in your kid’s room for a fun-filled, energetic vibe. Soft yellow affects concentration span and bright yellow effects memory and motivation.

Home Office

Our Saffron Delight 0534 in your home office creates a refreshing ambience to stimulate innovative minds. It sparks optimism and inspiration and is the go-to colour for creative industries.


Yellow offers a bright, cheerful, sunny vibe. A yellow bathroom will freshen you and brighten up your mood after a long, tiring day. It will be your happy place where you can enjoy a long, luxurious bath while you chase your blues away. The Rose Lemon 1030 of our colour palette is the perfect shade. Throw in some white trims and cabinets to complement the liveliness.

A Bright Welcome

Your entryway should feel like it’s linked to the outdoors for a warm, welcoming vibe. If you choose a natural colour like yellow, your guests will fit right in your home. Moreover, your entryway gets natural light in the daytime and artificial light for the rest of the day. So you must use a colour that looks soft and airy either way. Light yellow would brighten your entryway and add instant vitality. Choose our beloved Banana Ripple 8565 for flourish and freshness.

Cheerful Yellow Kitchen

Paint your small kitchen Rose Lemon 1030 to make it a cosy, whimsical space where you enjoy cooking and baking. Yellow is linked with health and well-being and acts as an immediate mood booster. Our shade Yellow Glove 1019 will make your kitchen bigger and brighter and give you happy feels.

Yellow Front Entrance

A yellow front door brightens and enlivens your house. It says that you are confident and cheerful. A yellow door suits both traditional and modern homes. Paint your door Sunny Yellow 0169 or Corn Yellow 0248 to be the talk of the town.

Choose any of these Diamond Paints shades of yellow to create an amazing space for your home.


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