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Expert Paint Series: Emulsion or Enamel?

Expert Paint Series: Emulsion or Enamel?

Emulsion and Enamel are the two types of paint that are commonly used when it comes to renovations and revamps. Everyone has used these paint types at least once in their life, without knowing what the difference between the two is.

Today, we will address the differences between Emulsion and Enamel paint.

Emulsion Paint

Emulsion colors are water-based colors with some additives that make them durable. These paints are acrylic resins and pigments that disperse in water, the water then evaporates, leaving behind the solid paint film.

There are two types of Emulsion paints, one is used for interior emulsions, and the other for exterior use. Emulsion paints can cover anywhere from 12 -16 square meters per liter per coat. Moreover, when painting with Emulsion paints, it is important to clean the paintbrushes and equipment with clean water when mixing, instead of oil or oil-based solvents.

Emulsion Paint has different finishes, including matte, smooth, eggshell, semi-glossy, and glossy. This paint type is ideal for bedroom transformation or living room transformation.

Enamel Paint

On the other hand, Enamel paint is oil-based, durable, and stain-resistant. This color is mostly preferred for exteriors and for areas that are subjected to hardware or vastly feel the variation in temperature i.e. outdoor surfaces and structures.

Enamel paint can cover anywhere from 12-14 square meters per liter per coat. Enamel paint dries slower than Emulsion and has a very strong odor. Moreover, to mix Enamel paints, a paint thinner like kerosene or another oil-based liquid is needed instead of water-based solutions.

Like Emulsion, Enamel paint also has different finishes, including high-gloss, smooth, and opaque.

Powder Coating

Both paint types are found in liquid form, however, there’s also a solid form. Powder coating is the process in which free-flowing dry powder is applied to appliances such as fridges, washing machines, fans, etc. at a temperature of 200 degrees. This paint-type is only used by industries as it requires specific conditions.

Now you have become an expert on Enamel and Emulsion paints! We hope you use this new information during the next renovation.

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