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A dash and splash of color goes a long way to get you out of your color comfort zone! Get inspired by our latest trends, ranges and color ideas to brighten your bedroom and enliven your living space.
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Paint Calculator

Use Diamond Paints’ paint calculator to figure out the quantity of paint you need and save yourself the time, money and hassle of unnecessary trips to the hardware and paint stores.

Room Wise Advisory

Discover inspiring color palettes for your home, crafting personalized styles for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Transform each space with hues that resonate, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere tailored to your taste.
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Color Consultant Questionnaire

With hundreds of color and shade options, choosing the perfect tones for your project is a daunting task. Fill our Color Consultant Questionnaire and seek guidance from our experienced color consultants. with an eye for detail to cater to all your color problems.

Know Your Paints


Light & Sheen

Did you know that there is more to painting your walls than just a shade of color? It’s a game of light and sheen. Sheen is a term used for the measurement of reflected light on the surface of a wall. It is measured at an 85-degree angle.

Seasonal Rang

Just like how we change our wardrobe seasonally, seasonal changes to our home is also a fantastic idea. Seasonal themes and colors make our house look different, let you explore your creative side, and replenish and rejuvenate us from the inside.

Color Combinations

Colors are truly extraordinary in their own way; they’re so ingrained in our surroundings that it’s not possible to imagine this world in black & white. We humans are naturally fascinated by colors and they highly impact us psychologically.

Modern Color Trends

But, there’s a small twist with Diamond Paints’ definition of ‘two types of people’. The first type is of individuals who are bold, bright, and glorious! They are as radiant as the sun and cannot be confined within any limits. Spotlight follows them wherever they go and they love it.

Timeless Paint Trends

Trends are practices or choices that evolve with time. The term can be used for a number of things, such as fashion trends, social media trends, and can be used to refer to a movement or a particular direction.


Paint Volume Calculator

Now comes the million-dollar question―how many buckets of paint will be sufficient? The number of buckets needed depends on the surface area of the particular wall, door or furniture you want to paint. To calculate the number of buckets required, you can also use Diamond Paint’s Paint Calculator to get a realistic impression of what paint would look like before you buy it.

How To Paint

Before you start painting, it is important you thoroughly scan the room for any leaks and seepage so that these problems are addressed.

Tools Needed To Paint

Painting is a technical task that requires various techniques and tools to achieve perfection. First, use sandpaper to scrape off imperfections like stains and old paint from the surface. Next, use a clean cloth to remove dust and other particles. Then using a filling knife or scraper, fill the wall with putty to equally level the surface. Lastly, you will need the paint bucket, a brush or roller to apply the coating and a tray.

Paints & Coats

Here are some useful tips and tricks to achieve your perfect DIY painting project…whether it’s a 3D DIY wall art, an abstract DIY painting or a painted wood sign. First, divide your paint job in two parts…the basecoat and topcoat. Next apply putty and primer, followed by 1-2 more coats of wall putty. And finally, apply the topcoat and get the expert finishing you’ve been looking forward to.

Types Of Paint Surfaces

When you initiate a painting project, the first step is understanding which paint type is suitable for the surface. There are four main types of surfaces; wood, metal, plaster, and concrete. Wood and metal surfaces are best paired with oil-based paint colours (Enamel), whereas plaster and concrete are better paired with water-based colours (Emulsion).

Emulsion Or Enamel?

Emulsion and Enamel are the two types of paint that are commonly used when it comes to renovations and revamps. Let’s address the differences between these two. Emulsion colours are water-based colours with some additives that make them durable whereas Enamel paint is oil-based, durable, and stain-resistant. Moreover, Enamel paint dries slower than Emulsion and has a very strong odour.


Formation of fine powder on the surface of paint film during weathering can cause colour fading. Although some degree of chalking is a normal, desirable way for a paint film putty to wear off, excessive film erosion can result in heavy chalking.
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Breaking down of film due to high thickness or low curing of plastered surface. Early on, the problem appears as hairline cracks; later, flaking of paint chips occurs.
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Appear on new brick, plaster or cement as they dry. Failure to adequately prepare surface by removing all previous efflorescence.
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Peeling is an adhesion failure whereby the paint film peels away from the surface. There are two types of peeling.
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