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Deposition of salts on masonry surfaces. Crusty white salt deposits, leached from mortar or masonry as water passes through it.


  • Appear on new brick, plaster or cement as they dry.
  • Improper curing.
  • Failure to adequately prepare surface by removing all previous efflorescence.
  • Excess moisture escaping through the exterior masonry walls from the inside.
  • Alkaline bricks


  • The source of moisture must be repaired before any paint preparation.
  • If excess moisture is the cause, eliminate the source, sealing any cracks in the masonry with sand and cement.
  • If moist air is originating inside the building, consider installing vents or exhaust fans, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas.
  • Remove the efflorescence and all other loose materials with a wire brush, power brush or power washer; then thoroughly rinse the surface.
  • Apply a coat of Wall Sealer and allow it to dry completely; then apply a coat of top quality exterior paint.

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