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Peeling (paint comes out in the form of flakes)


  • Paint applied over dirt, oil, grease or previously painted glossy surface.
  • Seepage or moisture beneath the paint film is a frequent cause of Flaking and Peeling (alkaline bricks, seepage from ground).
  • Application of paint on powdery surface.
  • Unsanded surface.
  • Use of a low quality paint that has inadequate adhesion and flexibility.
  • Use of iron trowel.


  • Scrape back the flaking paint to bare surface and the area nearby. If area is large, abrade the whole surface with abrasive paper or wire brush, prime with Wall Sealer and apply putty if required, followed by paint (not recommended for moist surface until the surface is complete dry).
  • Apply a coat of Wall Sealer on porous surfaces prior to topcoat.
  • Identify and eliminate the cause of moisture.
  • Clean oily surface with a suitable solvent. Scuff the surface before paint.

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