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Pakistan's No.1 Paint

Diamond Paints Goes Green for Pakistan

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Diamond Paints Goes Green for Pakistan

Diamond Paints, a market-leading paint brand in Pakistan is making a difference. In order to protect the environment, the company has announced to shift 50% of its factory’s electric load onto clean energy resources (solar power), preserving a massive 800kW.

The world we know today is constantly changing every second. As we proceed towards a brighter future, we can’t turn a blind eye to the compromises and sacrifices the environment has made as a result of our success.

To protect and preserve what is left of our natural resources and environment, companies and organizations are continuously innovating to reduce their carbon footprint. They’ve started to lean on renewable sources that, after application, can meet demands without compromising on the future, especially for our upcoming generations.

‘As a responsible brand, we wanted to do something that would make a true difference, not only for us as a brand, but for others as well. Hence, after reviewing several options, conducting researches, and receiving expert recommendations, we decided to shift half of our energy consumption to clean solar-powered resources. This will not only help bring environmental stability by reducing carbon emission, but will also result in water conservation as well. We look forward to adapting more friendly-approaches and a cleaner and greener Pakistan.’ says

Mir Shoaib, CEO Diamond Paints.

Diamond Paints Solar Green energy Initiative mentioned by renowned Media.

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