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Green is a relaxing paint colour. It signifies rest, relaxation and tranquility.
It compels us to focus on things that matter…growth and harmony. Diamond Paints offers many shades of green―from fresh greens to jade to turquoise to forest greens―bound to inspire you!

Popular Colour for Rooms

Green is a popular pick for bedroom paint, perfect for kids and adults alike. If you have a restless, energetic kid, it will reduce anxiety and stress. Moreover, green improves reading and comprehension. Consider opting for Spring Leaf 7858 or Lime Tart 7857 to create a soothing and relaxing bedroom for your kid. For your bedroom, choose dazzling Green Summit 8575 for a warm welcome.

Living Room

Green reminds us of nature, greenery and scenic views. It gives a homey, relaxed ambience, as you feel connected to the outdoors. Use Deep Green 7098 of Diamond Paints to give your living room walls a breath of fresh air.

Home Office

A green home office promotes balance, harmony and productivity. If your work is stress-related, green will offer you peace and calm. It’s a great colour choice for editors and content writers as it enhances reading and writing speed. Our greens―Cool Green 0558 and Spring Leaf 0526 are perfect for adding vigor to your work.

Fine Dining Experience

Green is an invigorating colour that, paired with white furnishings, makes a room livelier and comfortable. Spring Leaf 0526 and Green Mist 0565 are popular dining colours that stimulate healthy eating habits.

A Green Front Entrance

A fresh green front door appears to be in sync with nature. If your home is surrounded by a lush garden, abundant greenery or gorgeous flowers, opt for our Park Green 0241. A green door says you are inviting and welcoming. Pair it with exterior colours like white or pale yellow to spark the interest of your neighbors.

Choose any of these Diamond Paints shades of green to transform your home into your dream house.

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