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Color Combinations

Color Combinations

Colors are truly extraordinary in their own way, they’re so ingrained in our surroundings that it’s not possible to imagine this world in black & white. We humans are naturally fascinated by colors and they highly impact us psychologically.

Each color has its own cause and effect on a person. Red reminds us of love & strength, while yellow gives us a sense of warmth and happiness. On the other hand, blue inspires peace and trust, while green reflects nature, healing and quality.

Because colors have a major role to play in our everyday lives, with plenty of high-quality shades and tones to select from, it can become challenging.

So, Blue and red? Green and purple? White and black? Which one will you do with as your new room color scheme? Don’t worry! Diamond Paints has the right color combination for you.

Here are the most loved cool color combos:

• Coral Reef and Blue Purple
• Violet Petal and Spring Yellow
• Turquoise and Coral Sea
• Sterling Blue and Minted Lemon

If you are someone who prefers warm bedroom colors, you should go with:

• Egyptian Red and Yellow Spirit
• Orange Flare and Victorian White
• Jade Green, Red Hot, and Gray Grape

Color Wheel

Are you still unsure? Use the color wheel in helping you understand the complementary relation between two or more colors.

Credits: Build Direct

PS: The two colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel complement each other the most.

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