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Light & Sheen

Light & Sheen

Did you know that there is more to painting your walls than just a shade of color? It’s a game of light and sheen. Sheen is a term used for the measurement of reflected light on the surface of a wall. It is measured at an 85-degree angle.

Sheen can be divided into four categories, Flat, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss. Here is where light plays an important role. Each room of the house gets a different amount of natural light and has different light reflecting angles. The amount of light in a room determines which Sheen and color range is suitable.

Flat (0-3%)

Flat and Matte Sheen fall into the Flat category. These paint surfaces create no to extremely little reflectance when dry.

Satin (25-35%)

Low Gloss, Low Sheen, High Sheen, Egg Shell, and Velvet fall into the Satin category. The paint surfaces in this category create low-medium reflectance when dry.

Semi-Gloss (35-60%)

Semi-Gloss, Pearl, and Medium Lustre fall into the Semi-Gloss category. These paint surfaces create medium-high reflectance when dry.

High-Gloss (60%+)

Lastly, Gloss and High Gloss fall into this category. These paint surfaces create high reflectance when dry.

If you are considering renovating your kitchen, the best Sheen to opt for is Egg Shell, Satin, Velvet, Pearl, or Semi-Gloss. Similarly, for the hallways, the best choice would be Matte, Low Gloss, Low Sheen, and Egg Shell.

If you want a complete room transformation, bedroom transformation, or want a particular wall to stand out, then spruce it with Diamond Paints Super gloss or semi-gloss because these reflect light and change the look and feel of the space completely.

For ceilings, and to hide wall imperfections, we recommend you opt for Flat Sheen or Matte. Whereas to highlight frames, trims, and other architectural details, Diamond Paints Super Gloss Enamel is your answer.

If you want to go with a washable solution for children’s room, kitchen, or dining room, then we recommend you go with Diamond Paints Durasilk.

Lastly, if a room is already quite bright and sunny, consider the Diamond Paints Matte Emulsion range as these colors will absorb the extra light, like a sponge.

The more you play with light and sheen, the more your house will stand apart!

PS: The secret to getting the perfect social media pictures also lie in the walls and lighting in the room.

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