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Seasonal Rang

Seasonal Rang

Just like how we change our wardrobe seasonally, seasonal changes to our home is also a fantastic idea. Seasonal themes and colors make our house look different, let you explore your creative side, and replenish and rejuvenate us from the inside.


The chilly winds and drop in temperature encourage households to take out the hot cocoa, blankets, and paint rollers for a fun new DIY paint project! For this blanket for cold season; hues of blue, gray, and violet are the ideal colors of choice.


When the weather becomes pleasant, the flowers bloom and the sun shines its warmth again, it’s a sign that hues of orange, yellow, and purple are now in! You can get started on easy DIY wall art and easy DIY paintings to accompany your walls.


When the time comes to switch on the AC and freeze some popsicles, our go-to shades are melon, mango, tomatoes, and other juicy colors. These are the best bedroom colors to go with as they transport us back to memories of relaxing at the beach, enjoying a family picnic, relaxing, and enjoying quality family time.


Last but not the least, as the leaves change colors and fall off the branches and nature prepares for hibernation, it is an ideal time to experiment with wood color! Popular wood colors include oak color, cherry wood color, oak wood color, and more. These are best paired with shades of brown, maroon, beige, and burgundy.

The best part is that these classic colors are here to stay. They completely change the look and feel of your home every season of every year!

We are ready and excited to take out those paint rollers and overalls. Are you?

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