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Expert Paint Series: How to Paint

Expert Paint Series: How to Paint

Be it painting a room, a wall, or a canvas, success will only come if you follow the right procedure. Today, we will be going through the process of how to paint like an expert; step by step.

Before you wear your overalls and get started, it is important you thoroughly scan the room for any leaks and seepage so that these problems are addressed before you start painting.

Ignoring them will cause fungus to appear and the surface of your walls will eventually get damaged.

Step 1 – Sand the Wall

The first step is how to use sandpaper to get plaster, oil traces, grease, and other miscellaneous traces off the walls. Be sure to wear a facemask when sanding the walls so that you don’t accidentally inhale anything.

Expert Tip: Use a block of wood when hand-sanding, rather than using a piece of paper.

Step 2- Wipe It

After step 1, it’s time for you to wipe it clean. Use a damp cloth to wipe the dust left on the wall(s).

Step 3- Level the Surface

Now, you will have to once again closely scan the surface. If you see any holes or cracks that need filling, use wall putty to level out the surface. If you don’t have putty or if it’s not available, you can use plaster of Paris or cement as an alternative.

However, if you do use putty, keep in mind that the color will need a fresh coat. The reason is that over time, putty dries on the top surface but remains wet inside the cracks and holes, this makes its grip weak, causing impact on the topcoat.

Step 4- Clean it up

After the filling has been completed, use a cloth or sandpaper to get rid of any excessive material.

Step 5- Coat It

Lastly, apply the choice of paint. You can apply multiple coats to get a shade or color you’ve been opting for.

Expert Tip: Painting a light shade over a dark shade costs more as the previous shade needs to be properly hidden for the new coating to be applied.

Allow the paint some time to dry, keep in mind that Emulsion paints dry faster compared to Enamel paints. Moreover, Enamel paints leave a very powerful odor that can last for days.

Voila! Your wall will be as good as new and will look like it was done by an expert homemaker!

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