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Expert Paint Series: Paint Volume Calculator

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Expert Paint Series: Paint Volume Calculator

One of the most common questions that comes to one’s mind are, how many buckets of paint will be sufficient? This is a tricky question, we know, but the right answer can save you many trips to the hardware and paint stores.

The number of buckets needed depends on the surface area of the particular wall, door, or furniture you want to paint.

Let’s assume that the two walls in your bedroom are 810 feet and the other two walls are 1012 feet. This means the complete surface area of your room is 400sq feet. If you want to convert the equation to square meter, divide the square feet by 10.76.

Bedroom WallTotal Surface Area
8*10*2160sq feet
10*12*2240sq feet
Total= 400sq feet (37.17sq. meter)

An average bucket of paint covers 12sq meters/liter however this figure can vary based on the surface dimensions and the need for coating. To cover 37.17sq. meters, you’ll need approximately 3.10 liters of paint.

If you are still finding it difficult to calculate the number of buckets required, you can use Diamond Paint’s Paint Calculator

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