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Expert Paint Series: Tools Needed to Paint

Expert Paint Series: Tools Needed to Paint

Painting is more than just colors mixed together, it is also technical. Artists use various techniques and tools to achieve perfection in everything they do. In order to be able to paint your house, you will also need the right tools to work with. Let’s start with the absolute basics. Before you can start painting on a wall with a roller, you must first remove stains and old paint, as well as, any other imperfections from the surface. In order to do that you require sandpaper. The tough and durable sandpaper help scrape off all the excessive material from the walls.

Once that is done, you will require a clean cloth to remove dust and other particles left behind. Now, using a filling knife or scraper, fill the wall with putty to equally level the surface. Lastly, you will need the paint bucket and, a brush or roller to apply the coating, and a tray.

If the coating you choose is Enamel, then you should consider using a spray gun. The gun helps spray an equal amount of color on the surface, giving it a smooth finish. In case you are unable to find one, you can use a premium quality brush.

But if you are going for an Emulsion coating, then a roller or paint brush is an ideal choice for you. Because Emulsion paints are thick in consistency and can be applied properly through these tools. You can use a spray gun as well, but it’s recommended only if you have expertise.

Expert Tip: Use a roller to cover large surfaces, but use a brush to perfectly paint the edges and corners.

These are all the basic tools you’ll need to get you started on bedroom wall colors, room painting designs, and more DIY projects.

Happy Painting!

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