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Expert Paint Series: Types of Paint Surfaces

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Expert Paint Series: Types of Paint Surfaces

You now know the differences between Emulsion and Enamel paints, but do you know about the different types of paint surfaces these paints are applied on?

One of the biggest and common mistakes homemakers make while remodeling and renovating is applying any type of paint on to the surface without understanding the basics.

The first step before purchasing the color is understanding which paint type is suitable for the surface. There are four main types of surfaces; wood, metal, plaster, and concrete.

Wood and metal surfaces are best paired with oil-based paint colors (Enamel), whereas plaster and concrete are better paired with water-based colors (Emulsion).

At this point, you may ask yourself, what if I use an Emulsion color on a metal surface. What difference would that make? Water is known to corrode metal, hence, using a paint type with a water base is likely to result in corrosion. Hence oil paint is the option that best accompanies metal surfaces.

On the other hand, when it comes to painting the interior of the house, water-based paints are the right fit. This is because using Enamel colors indoors highlights imperfections on the walls and surfaces rather than hiding them! Plus, Enamel paints leave a very strong odor which can last up to days, unlike Emulsion paints.

However, Enamel paints are the preferred choice for hospitals, kitchens, wood furniture colors, the porch, children’s bedroom colors, even for a classroom transformation, because they are easier to clean compared to water-based paints.

Cleaning oil splatters, sauces, food traces, and other substances off from a kitchen wall can be exhausting if a water-based color is applied, plus, over-time the color on the walls will fade. If you are renovating the bathroom or staircase, to protect your walls from water, you’ll need Enamel paint. Whereas, Emulsion is ideal for ceilings, bedroom walls, even your furniture, wood, and concrete.

Hence, when choosing the right paint type, always keep the surface in mind. We hope this will make it easier to understand which paint type is best paired for your wall’s surface.

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